Avicenna Ventures B.V.

Avicenna Ventures and partners stimulate innovative and sustainable High-Tech companies and initiatives. With a focus on life sciences & health care we aim to grow an ecosystem for connected healthcare. To achieve a large entrepreneurial base that increases the quality of investment ready firms. Through our location in an international Health Tech hub we are the first to monitor innovative companies and participate in collaborations that are marketable.

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Our Mission

Creating a Healthcare Ecosystem that breeds champions. We provide an important role in stimulating innovation by allowing great teams to grow into international organisations. Avicenna Ventures is a seed and early stage Venture Capital fund investing in startups through an International Health Tech Hub.

Our Vision

Providing competitive financial returns to our investors and partners through an innovative business model and internationalization.


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Our Story

The story of Avicenna Ventures: An Accelerator and Venture Capitalist. Developing a tech company, idea or product is challenging. Avicenna is aware of this and provides the start ups within its accelerator with the necessary tools to immerse and grow. Avicenna as a Venture Capitalist helps to raise investment for the startups through all stages of development.

Avicenna ventures holds a team of experienced legal, investment and business development advisers that guide you through this process. We help to transform high potential entrepreneurs into the leaders of the future.

About us

Avicenna Ventures is the first Dutch in house venture capital investor in a major health tech ecosystem. Within this coworking environment entrepreneurs can collaborate with parties ranging from independent professionals to multinationals while benefiting from synergies.

We are permanently located in an international Healthcare hub which ensures proximity to key players in the industry and the latest innovations. The team at Avicenna Ventures believes in solutions that impact our lives. Our aim is to benefit patients, consumers and companies we invest in and investors alike.

Sucess stories

Avicenna Ventures Takes pride in having the most inspiring and mind blowing success stories take place due to our enterprise. We have personally helped develop and take numerous ventures to the next level. Within a short period of 1-3 months we have managed to help businesses develop from just being an idea, to implementing the necessary development steps and getting onto the market. Through organic growth we make dreams reality.