Avicenna Accelerator

Immersion program
Providing entrepreneurs with solutions to problems within their sector. You will receive analysis and development of your business model, financial projections and legal assistance. As well as early stage market validation and a roadmap for future growth to achieve a focus on the main goal of your business.

Investment program
With creating substance and tangibility through the accelerator program you will be ready for you seed investment round and Round A.

Services provided
Arrangement of subsidies for early stage start up financing, hosting pitch events, and partnership programmes.

  • Intro’s to potential customers;
  • Intro’s to potential partners;
  • Intro’s to potential investors;
  • Business model validation in international markets;
  • Ten hours a month, 1 – to – 1 mentoring;
  • Validating problems and finding a solution;
  • Discipline and structure;
  • Working and learning with other start ups;

If you believe your company is ready to launch to the next phase, apply.

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